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Everyday Flexfold Divider

A replacement or extra FlexFold divider to help better setup your gear with our Everyday Bag line. Recommended for those who want more options when packing your gear into our bag. Choose your bag model below and we'll send you the right divider for your bag.
200,00 kr

Camera cube divider

Need a replacement or extra FlexFold divider or floating pocket for your camera setup? Choose from our extra small and short, small, or medium length travel dividers for more organization options. Stick on another floating pocket on the side of your cube to store extra accessories and dongles.
69,00 kr

Everyday Messenger v 1.2 Divider

Everyday Messenger v 1.2 Divider
170,00 kr

Replacement Sling Divider 

Replacement Sling Divider
199,00 kr

Tote Divider

160,00 kr

Packing Cube

Compressible, easy to access, and instantly dividable, Peak Design Packing Cubes are functionally and aesthetically unmatched. A unique tear-away zipper lets you access contents quickly, unlike standard packing cubes with U-zip openings. An internal divider lets you separate clean and dirty clothes, and allows each compartment to expand/contract based on its contents. And, an expansion/compression zip provides additional space, or the ability to compress contents once packed. Outer shell is a beautiful, self-healing 70D nylon/poly blend.
399,00 kr